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John was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1968 and has, at various points in his life, worked as a journalist, a barman, a local government official, a waiter and a dogsbody at Harrods department store in London. (A dogsbody, for our North American friends, is a 'go-fer'.) He studied English in Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper. He divides his time between Dublin and Portland, Maine; makes regular donations to the wine industry; and keeps a number of dogs in a remarkable degree of comfort.

About John

Helping to keep your bookshelves overstocked since 1999...

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The Parker Series

John's first novel, Every Dead Thing, was published in 1999, and introduced the character of Charlie Parker, a former policeman hunting the killer of his wife and daughter. Dark Hollow followed in 2000. The third Parker novel, The Killing Kind, was published in 2001, with The White Road following in 2002. In 2003, John published his fifth novel—and first stand-alone book—Bad Men. In 2004, Nocturnes, a collection of novellas and short stories, was added to the list, and 2005 marked the publication of the fifth Charlie Parker novel, The Black Angel. John's seventh novel, The Book of Lost Things, a story about fairy stories and the power that books have to shape our world and our imaginations, was published in September 2006, followed by the next Parker novel, The Unquiet, in 2007; The Reapers, in 2008; The Lovers, in 2009; and The Whisperers, the ninth Charlie Parker novel, in 2010.


The tenth Charlie Parker novel, The Burning Soul, was published in 2011, to be followed in 2012 by The Wrath of AngelsThe Wolf in Winter, the twelfth Parker novel, was published in April 2014 in the UK and in October 2014 in the US. 2015 saw the publication of A Song of Shadows, the 13th Parker novel, and Night Music: Nocturnes Volume 2, the second collection of short stories. Charlie Parker returned in 2016's A Time of Torment, and made his 15th appearance in 2017 with A Game of Ghosts.​ The Woman in the Woods was published in 2018; A Book of Bones, published in 2019, completes the cycle that began with The Wolf in Winter; and 2020’s The Dirty South returns to a younger Parker, filled with rage and grief, as he begins the hunt that will culminate in the events of Every Dead Thing.

The Samuel Johnson Books

In 2009, John published The Gates, his first novel for young adults. A sequel was published in 2011 as Hell's Bells in the UK and The Infernals in the United States; the third in the Samuel Johnson trilogy, The Creeps, was published in 2013 in the UK and in 2014 in the US. The three novels will be published by Hodder & Stoughton as a single volume, Samuel Johnson vs The Darkness in October 2020, which will also contain a new story from that world, “The Monks of Appalling Dreadfulness.”

Samuel Johnson Books

Books to Die For, a nonfiction anthology co-edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke, won the 2013 Agatha, Anthony and Macavity Awards for Best Critical/Biographical Book of the year.

Chronicles Of The Invaders


With his partner, Jennifer Ridyard, John published Conquest, the first book in the Chronicles of the Invaders series for teenaged readers, in 2013. The second book in that series, Empire, followed in 2015, and the third, Dominion, in 2016.

Hodder published he, a literary novel based on the life of Stan Laurel, in August 2017. Quercus USA published the American edition in the US and Canada on May 2018.

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Horror Express

Horror Express, a Midnight Movie Monograph about the 1972 cult classic, was published in 2018 and was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.

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