The Chronicles Of the invaders

La Tierra ha sido invadida por unos alienígenas. Pero en muchos lugares del planeta se organiza la resistencia.

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Syl Hellais

Conceived among the stars, Syl was the first of the Illyri to be born on Earth. She's now sixteen years old. Her father, Lord Andrus, is among the most powerful Illyri on the planet. Her mother, Lady Orianne, died of malaria when Syl was an infant. Syl is smart, obstinate, and curious about her adopted world, while passionately loyal to Illyr, the home planet she's never known.

Paul Kerr

Born just after the Illyrian invasion, he is not quite 17 years old. He has been part of the Resistance since the death of his father, and is one of its most valuable intelligence operatives. Paul manages a network of young spies throughout Edinburgh.

John Connolly

John Connolly (Dublín, 1968) estudió filología inglesa en el Trinity College y periodismo en la Dublin City University. Reside en Dublín, pero pasa parte del año en Estados Unidos, donde se desarrollan sus obras. Es autor de la novela Malvados, del volumen de relatos de terror Nocturnos y de la serie de novelas policiacas protagonizadas por el detective Charlie Parker, tituladas Todo lo que muere (Shamus Award 1999), El poder de las tinieblas, Perfil asesino, El camino blanco (Barry Award 2003), Más allá del espejo, El ángel negro, Los atormentados, Los Hombres de la Guadaña, Los amantes, Voces que susurran, Cuervos, La ira de los ángelesEl invierno del lobo, La canción de las sombras y Tiempos oscuros.

JENNIFER RIDYARD spent a happy, sun-drenched childhood in the mining town of Benoni, South Africa, during the 1970s and 1980s—her only defense for this being ignorance.

On leaving school she embarked on a rocky career path including a short stint as a nurse, several waitressing jobs (the best was at an ice-cream parlor), a prolonged run as a bank clerk, and a span as a barmaid.

She worked as a check-out girl, conducted market research surveys, and was even a Sunday School teacher, albeit briefly.

Finally in 1994—the year of South Africa's first democratic election—Jennie became a cub reporter at a local newspaper. Her first job as a newshound was literally a wild goose chase, rushing to the scene when a rare waterfowl landed in someone's swimming pool. Unfortunately the bird left before she got there. She went on to become the lifestyle editor on a national daily newspaper.

In 2004 she moved to Ireland, but spends much time in South Africa.

She writes, reads, recycles, tries to paint, doesn't eat meat, loves cake, and enjoys long walks with the family pound puppies, Sasha, Coco, and Juno.

Jennie has two children, Cameron and Alistair.

Jennie Ridyard


The Chronicles of the Invaders

By John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard

Syl Hellais is the first of the Earth-born Illyri, a beautiful, civilized but ruthless alien species who now rule our planet. Trapped inside the walls of her father's stronghold, hated by the humans, she longs to escape.

Humankind has not given up the fight, and Paul Kerr is one of a new generation of young Resistance leaders waging war on the invaders.

On her sixteenth birthday, Syl will become an outcast, an enemy of her people, for daring to save Paul Kerr's life.


Las Crónicas de los Invasores II

de John Connolly y Jennifer Ridyard

La última oportunidad para salvar a la Tierra de su fatal destino.


Aunque la reconquista de la Tierra parece perdida, la Resistencia sigue luchando contra los ilyrios, una raza alienígena que posee una tecnología y fuerza militar muy superiores. Paul Kerr, uno de los jovencísimos protagonistas de esta trepidante aventura, está ahora no sólo muy lejos de su casa, capturado por los ilyrios, sino también de su amada Syl Hellais, la primera ilyria nacida en la Tierra. Porque ambos han sido castigados al exilio.

Sin embargo, la invasión de la Tierra no es lo que a simple vista parece. Y es que hay otra especie, la de los Otros, y los ilyrios matarían por mantener su existencia en secreto. Syl y Paul, separados por distancias insalvables, harán lo imposible por revelar a todos la horrible verdad que se esconde tras el Imperio. Pero antes tendrán que sobrevivir.