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Novel Soundtracks

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Author Interviews

John has interviewed a number of authors for the Irish Times

Sedlec Ossuary 

Kutná Hora, in the Czech Republic, is known as the Church of Bones. It features prominently in The Black Angel, the fifth Charlie Parker novel. John made a short film about the ossuary, and wrote about it for The Independent..

The New Daughter

"The New Daughter,’' a short story that appears in the Nocturnes collection, was adapted for film by screenwriter John Travis and director Luis Berdejo.

In "The New Daughter", a father (Kevin Costner) who is left with two children after the disintegration of his marriage begins to notice changes in his daughter's behaviour. He notices her fascination with the old mound at the back of their property, and becomes convinced that something in the mound is transforming his daughter . . .

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(Originally published in
Something Wicked Magazine)