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In addition to the Charlie Parker novels, the Samuel Johnson novels and The Chronicles of the Invaders, John has published several standalone books. John has also edited and collaborated on a few anthologies.

Shadow Voices cover.jpg
Shadow Voices

300 Years of Genre Fiction: A History in Stories


John has contributed to several anthologies through the years, some for charity and some for fun. Editors including Karin Slaughter, Declan Burke, and Otto Penzler have assembled collections that offer a wide range of smart ideas and brilliant essays.

First Edition: Celebrating 21 Years of Goldsboro Books

Available From 30 September 2020

This collection of original stories have been written to celebrate 21 years of Goldsboro Books. Wide in scope, beautiful, charming, thrilling and clever, this is the perfect celebration of authors, their stories and 21 years of Goldsboro Books.​

This collection of short stories includes "Unquiet Slumbers: A Tale of the Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository," as well as new stories by David Mitchell, Robert Goddard, Jessie Burton, and more."

Like a Charm

Edited by Karin Slaughter

Desire leaves a man destroyed... a young girl's curiosity reveals secrets better left hidden... jealousy drives a woman insane... ambition leads to a curious exchange... an uncanny likeness changes two lives forever... the hand of fate lies buried in the past... From nineteenth-century Georgia, where the bracelet is forged in fire, to wartime Leeds, the seedy underside of London's Soho, a Manhattan taxi, the frozen cliffs of Nova Scotia and back to Georgia, each writer weaves a gripping story of murder, betrayal and intrigue.

Dangerous Women

Edited by Otto Penzler

Dangerous Women is a new anthology by mystery maven Otto Penzler, who has gathered 17 stories from top writers for an all-original suspense anthology with results that are about the same as if a master chocolatier had assembled a new sampler box: everything of high quality but with enough variety to appeal to all tastes. All the contributors are true to their own very familiar voices.


Edited by Ciara Considine

This collection of fiction by Irish women was published as a fundraiser for tsunami relief; the editor, Ciara Considine, asked me to contribute a story, perhaps to see whether anyone would spot the impostor. "The Cycle" was published under the pen name of Laura Froom (the protagonist of "Miss Froom, Vampire"), and both "The Cycle" and "Miss Froom, Vampire" are included in Nocturnes.

Dark Delicacies III: Haunted

Edited by Del Howison and Jeff Gelb

Dark Delicacies III, which has just been published, contains a story by me entitled "A Haunting", the first time this story has appeared in print. The book also includes tales by Chuck Palahniuk, Heather Graham, David Morrell and Mick Garris. I know that some copies were signed by a number of the contributors at the Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, California, where I'll be signing in October, so collectors might want to see if any are still available.

The Lineup: The World's Greatest Mystery Writers Tell The Inside Story Of Their Greatest Detectives

Edited by Otto Penzler

Published by Little Brown in the US, this anthology contains contributions from 22 mystery writers on how their most famous characters came into being, including Michael Connelly on Harry Bosch, Lee Child on Jack Reacher, David Morrell on John Rambo, Colin Dexter on Inspector Morse, Laura Lippman on Tess Monaghan, Ian Rankin on John Rebus, and Alexander McCall Smith on Precious Ramotswe. I've contributed an essay that deals with Charlie Parker, but also covers the slow development of Irish crime writing, and the collision between the rational and the supernatural in my books. It's a lovely anthology for mystery fans.

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