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  • Clair Lamb

July 2021 newsletter

Dear Folks,

Well, it’s that time of year again. (Actually, it’s that time of year again for the first time, because it will be that time of year again a second time later in the year, this being a two-book year, of which more after the first time of year, er, time of year has passed.)

But to begin, a short video message, since I can’t see you all in person for this book launch. Be kind. Old age comes to us all . . .

THE NAMELESS ONES arrives on July 8 (in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand . . .)

As noted above, the latest book set in Charlie Parker’s universe, THE NAMELESS ONES, is officially on sale in hardcover, audio, e-book and (where relevant) export paperback in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on July 8. I have already been out and about signing copies of THE NAMELESS ONES at various stores in Dublin, so I know the books have reached this island — but the book is strictly embargoed until July 8th, so don’t go trying to bribe a bookseller before then, booksellers being scrupulously honest, and above such nefarious activities. Mind you, if you bring a bottle of booze, you never know . . . South African stores, meanwhile, will have the book on August 11.

THE NAMELESS ONES begins shortly after the events of A BOOK OF BONES, though you don’t need to have read A BOOK OF BONES to follow the story. Louis, the semi-retired hitman who is one of Charlie Parker’s boon companions, gets a phone call from an old ally in urgent need of help. Louis and his partner Angel fly to Amsterdam and find a scene of horror — and a trail that leads them across Europe in pursuit of violent men and their even more deadly companion. Charlie Parker makes a brief appearance, and Charlie’s daughter plays a critical role.

Initial early copies of the Hodder & Stoughton hardcover will come with a signed title page, but mainly via Waterstones and a handful of independents. Some independent bookstores will also have a tote bag designed especially for Angel and Louis. While supplies last, these are those stores that will definitely be able to offer you a tote:

Because I can’t travel to sign at the Book Centre shops, Waterstones Cork, O’Mahonys’s Limerick, or The Ennis Bookshop, those stores will have a little bonus item: a limited edition signed large-format playing card from the fictitious Novakov Casino, Prague, which is the location for one of the main scenes in THE NAMELESS ONES. The bags and cards will, all things going well, be with those stores by Friday, so feel free to reserve in advance. Supplies permitting, we may even be able to include a playing card with early stock for some of the other stores, but no promises. I mean, you’re already getting a tote bag and a signed book. You’ll want the clothes off my back next . . .

The American edition of THE NAMELESS ONES will be on sale in all formats on October 12. Certain independent bookstores will have tote bags and signed cards, but more of that later in the year.

An evening with me!

Although I can’t tour with this book, you can hang out with me and my old friend — well, not old, she wouldn’t like that, but friend of long standing — Sarah Pinborough online next Friday, July 9, at an event sponsored by Waterstones.

Sarah and I will be discussing THE NAMELESS ONES and anything else that comes up. Tickets are £5 for the livestream, which is available worldwide, or £22 for the livestream plus a signed copy of the THE NAMELESS ONES and a tote bag, available in the UK only.

Separately, I spoke to Tony Jones at The Ginger Nuts of Horror about THE NAMELESS ONES and the long career of Charlie Parker, and answered some questions that often come up at events, including why the books switched from first person to third with THE WOLF IN WINTER.

. . . and otherwise

My weekly radio show, ABC to XTC, is prospering in its new home and timeslot, every Saturday from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Dublin time on RTÉ Gold. The show streams free on the RTÉ mobile app and online.

Once THE NAMELESS ONES has settled into stores, I’ll give you details of the book to come in October, which is something very different. The book, that is, not October, although October is different, obviously — from September, for example. Sometimes I wonder if I’m overthinking things . . .

Urgent deadlines and other obligations, both personal and professional, will send me into a sort of non-COVID lockdown for a while. Minion Clair’s been running the Facebook page and will continue to do so, but you’ll see less of me on Twitter (@jconnollybooks), and I won’t be answering email for at least the next month, possibly longer. Sorry, but know that you will never be far from my thoughts.

In all seriousness, I deeply appreciate your support for THE NAMELESS ONES and for all my books. I hope they’ve been lightening the load for you a bit over the past year and a half. We push through, and it means a great deal to me to know that you’re on my side, as I am on yours.

All best wishes,


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