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Track List

1.  The Stillness of a World...
2.  Something Shedding Scales
3.  Sleeper, Awake
4.  The Echo of Worlds
5.  The Wounds Left by Loss
6.  Threats
7.  Beneath The Cut
8.  A Faceless Twin
9.  The God of Wasps
10. The Honeycomb World
11. Then Oblivion
12. Into the Dark
13. Sam
14. The Glass Began to Crack
15. To Die in the Light
16. A Statue by the Sea
17. The Woman in the Woods
18. The Lovers
19. By A Lake
20. The Long Ride

honeycomb world.jpg

Honeycomb World

A Soundtrack to the Novels of John Connolly, Vol VII

Composed by Envoy

When I was compiling Ghosts, the fourth of these soundtracks, one of the tracks I chose to include was an instrumental by Envoy entitled “Every Dead Thing.”  I had known David O’Brien, who is Envoy, since his time as a bookseller, and had heard some of the music on which he was working, but had no idea that my own work had been a source of inspiration to him until he sent me some of the pieces involved, “Every Dead Thing” among them.  I thought it was one of the standout tracks on the CD. 

As it came time to consider a seventh volume, I felt a change of direction might be interesting.  In the past I had picked tracks that resonated lyrically or thematically with my books, or the mood of which matched what I was trying to achieve in one of the novels.  (The exceptions were a pair of songs by Mark Kozelek/ Sun Kil Moon, where my work had provided some small part of the creative stimulus, and Envoy’s “Every Dead Thing.”)  Subsequent to the Ghosts compilation, David sent me a CD containing eight further Parker-inspired tracks, which seemed like fate.  I suggested that these might form the basis of a longer suite of music, and David very graciously agreed to compose that suite.  The result is The Honeycomb World.

 John Connolly


This record is my attempt at creating a "world" that can inhabit, or co-exist, within the Charlie Parker Universe.  I discovered John's books almost two decades ago, and since then I've found myself inspired to write music based on characters, scenes, and entire novels. The Honeycomb World is the culmination of that journey. John has very kindly allowed me to put this CD together as I thought best, and for that I am incredibly grateful. It's a dream come true for me to have this album released with The Woman in the Woods, and I'd be truly honoured if you enjoy listening to it even  fraction as much as you enjoy reading the book.

I'd like to dedicate The Honeycomb World to my wife Joan and my daughter Odette, to my mother and father and, of course, to Mare.

-David O’Brien

The Honeycomb World – all tracks composed and performed by David O’Brien. © David O’Brien.

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