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John Connolly

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Internationally bestselling author of 30+ books, including the Charlie Parker novels, The Book Of Lost Things, The Samuel Johnson Adventures and more.

Photo of John Connolly award winning Irish writer.
About John

John Connolly was born in Dublin in 1968.  He  worked as a bartender, local government official and journalist before publishing his first novel, Every Dead Thing, in 1999.  He is the winner of a number of literary prizes for his work, including the Edgar, Shamus and Anthony awards, and a CWA Dagger.  His latest books are The Dirty South, A Book of Bones, and he.

Latest Books

The Nameless Ones

A call for help from an old comrade-in-arms brings the assassin Louis and his partner, Angel, to Amsterdam, where a scene of carnage awaits them. Louis's quest for justice takes Charlie Parker's friends across Europe in a hunt for the murderers and their mysterious companion, who may not be human at all.

The Furies

Available in Ireland and the UK from Hodder & Stoughton, August 4, 2022

Available in Australia and New Zealand from Hachette Australia, August 2022

Available in the US and Canada from Atria/Emily Bestler Books, October 11, 2022

The Charlie Parker Series

John's first novel, Every Dead Thing, introduced the character of Charlie Parker, a former policeman hunting the killer of his wife and daughter. Parker has since appeared in 19 additional novels and a novella.

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The Samuel Johnson Series

Samuel Johnson and his faithful dachshund, Boswell, battle the forces of darkness—with help from various demons, dwarfs, police officers and even an ice cream man—in three books for middle-grade readers.

Chronicles Of The Invaders

John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard have come together to write a three-part space opera. 

Syl and Paul are a human-alien couple on an alien-occupied earth. Little do they know they will have to face far greater enemies than Syl's own earth-invading species. For there is a darkness stirring, a darkness that has plans for our planet... plans far worse than death.

Other Titles

In addition to the Charlie Parker novels, the Samuel Johnson novels and The Chronicles of the Invaders, John has published several standalone books.

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As a writer, I enjoy receiving feedback from readers, booksellers, and librarians. The easiest way to contact me is through Facebook and Twitter, but feel free to send an email and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. Please bear in mind, though, that writing comes first, and it may take me a little while.  

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Novel Soundtracks

Songs to accompany Charlie parker novels

YouTube Videos & features about John

YouTube Videos & features about John

Sedlec Ossuary: The Church Of Bones

Sedlec Ossuary: The Church Of Bones

Kevin Costner in The New Daughter

Kevin Costner in The New Daughter

The Irish Times Logo

The Irish Times Logo

ABC to XTC Radio Show on RTE 2XM

ABC to XTC Radio Show on RTE 2XM


From music to accompany the Parker books, to radio shows, to artwork and films. Some interesting bibs and bobs related to John and his books

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